Missouri Supreme Court denies GotNewsDotCom access to shooting victim’s juvenile records

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Choosing the photo as your Twitter header brings bad karma
Choosing the photo as your Twitter header brings bad karma

Banned from Twitter, his website GotNewsDotCom dead in the water, Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson continues to crash and burn.

The Missouri Supreme Court yesterday refused to consider a legal appeal by Johnson to open the juvenile records of shooting victim Michael Brown, the Ferguson, MO, man who was shot and killed by police office Darren Wilson in August last year.

Johnson had been trying to gain access to Brown’s juvenile records for months, for the simple reason that he believed Brown had committed some foul crime as a youngster, so shooting him was entirely justified because white cops can do no wrong and young black men do it all the time.

The state supreme court denied Johnson’s petition for writ of prohibition and/or mandamus, which is a fancy legal way of saying, “We don’t consider this case worth our time. The appeals court ruling stands. Now go away.”

Normally, we at GotNwes would be expecting some fiery comebacks from Johnson on his incendiary Twitter feed, but gee, Twitter pulled his access over Memorial Day weekend. Meanwhile, he has posted nothing at his so-called news blog since June 5.

But we figure he’s blaming Social Justice Warriors, or DeRay McKesson, or Twitter’s bosses, or Obama, or all of them for this latest ignominious defeat.

Reality sucks.

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