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Trolls against Twitter -- unite!
Trolls against Twitter — unite!
GotNwes has watched yet another podcast interview with Chuck C. Johnson, just to see if he said anything different this time.


The Award Winning Journalist™ sat down for an interview with John Malos on Fresno’s public access MeTV (how the mighty have fallen!) the day before yesterday, apparently as some kind of political commentator.

Malos, a local businessman, wanted to discuss the recent Supreme Court decisions, the Confederate flag controversy, the presidential candidates, and the Dylann Roof case. Who better to ask on the show than Johnson?

Whilst you ponder that question, here’s the interesting stuff first.

Of course, Twitter came up. Malos showed the GotNewsDotCom Photoshopped image of Johnson’s sunglassed mug with a strip of black over his mouth and fake bullet holes in the concrete wall behind him. (An artist’s conception is above, because we know from experience Johnson’s photographer will send us a takedown request if we use the real one.)

The troll is cuter, so it’s OK.

After hearing the same argle bargle (“I’m being censored!!”) from Johnson, Malos asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind.

OK, maybe one or two minds.

Malos: How are you getting your message out?

Johnson: “I’m using my website. I’m using other means. I’m kind of enjoying sort of a vacation.”

As Malos went to a commercial break, he encouraged viewers to go to that website,, and “see what’s happening around the nation.”


Nothing has been happening at GotNewsDotCom since June 5. There’s no there there.

As for “those other means,” they include two previous (and tiresome) interviews with podcasters, and occasional messages exchanged with Betsy Rothstein, who may be the only person at The Daily Caller who still talks to Chuck.

So, basically, he’s on vacation loitering around the house, when he’s not jetting around the country meeting with rich people and getting booted out of GOP get-togethers.

Besides lying about using his blog to spread his message, the erstwhile media mogul said he was working on his book and shopping around for a publisher. While he wasn’t specific, it’s likely this is “Oppo Man,” a book he had supposedly sold to St. Martin’s Press last year. It was supposed to be on sale this week, but, like, it isn’t.

It’s one of those things that make you go, hmmm.

Johnson once again brought up his seemingly never-ending meetings with angel investors, saying he had just returned from pitching his latest scheme to a billionaire in Washington, DC.

He neglected to mention one of his other DC adventures: being pitched out of an event hosted by Grover Norquist as an uninvited guest.

Malos asked what he pitched to the billionaire. Johnson naturally spilled the beans, after saying he couldn’t go into details. He can’t help himself.

Read this carefully, and you too can find your own pet billionaires to hoodwink swindle bore with your media-empire building ideas.

“The Future is less ad-based journalism,” Johnson told Malos. He wants to turn the production of news into something like a video game … like Donkey Kong, we figure.

As near as we can tell, it would work like this. Someone wants a story researched and written. They post what they want done and assign a “bounty” for its successful completion.

Pyoo, pyoo, pyoo! You advance to the next level!

“We would reward ppl who got that information,” Johnson explained.

It’s an expanded version of his previous business model — the one that was working oh so well until it suddenly didn’t — tweet a dollar amount and a subject and wait for someone to bite, and publish it.

Here’s some more floor nuggets from this latest Johnson appearance.

  • A disproportionate number of Blacks and Mexicans are criminals, relative to the overall population. So, Donald Trump was sort of right when he dissed Mexico and pissed off Univision.
  • DeRay McKesson “has a kind of history of criminality and violence.”
  • DeRay is such close buddies with the folks at Twitter that he single-handedly booted Johnson off the service.
  • “The easiest people to fire are white males.”
  • “Gays get divorced more often than straights.”
  • Blacks kill whites more than whites kill blacks.
  • 30,000 rapes involved white women and black men, while only 10 (that’s ten, as in how many fingers you got) — 10 involved black women and white men.
  • The Department of Justice has banned interracial crime statistics. [This is a repeat of something he reported on his blog, and now as then, it’s false. Those statistics are now kept by the FBI.]
  • “His team” took out Brian Wiliams. Afterward, they had a long walk together on Redondo Beach.
  • Twitter has “serious earnings problems” and short sellers are interested in Johnson’s data.
  • Johnson has filed a complaint against Twitter with the FCC, and maybe he’ll also sue them. [The FCC thing is new, and previously the lawsuit was a sure thing.]
  • There has been widespread destruction of Civil War memorials, and those vandals are just like ISIS and the Nazis.
  • Dylann Roof was schizophrenic and had a psychotic break while in that church. We assume the fact that Roof was packing heat was merely an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Hulk Hogan and Johnson — separately and “together sort of” — are suing Gawker.

Johnson’s libel suit against Gawker is in the same court system that just shot down his last legal action for good. So, good luck with that new one!

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