Apologies for our going missing

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The string broke. Sorry.
The string broke. Sorry.
Dear readers,

Perhaps you noticed all the “server error 500” messages here recently. A few days ago, the site was down because of an email spammer. But this most recent outage was the result of a disk failure. It took our hosting company‘s techs two days to get everybody up and running again.

New hardware has fixed that issue. So, a big shout out to Planet Earth Hosting!

Despite our two or three-day absence, we have still published 11 more stories than the parody site GotNewsDotCom in the same time period — without an army of 5,000 (or is it 6,000?) “nerd researchers” at our beck and call.

Of course, we haven’t jetted to DC to get kicked out of a GOP function, lost a lawsuit in a state supreme court, or appeared on four softball-interview podcasts since Memorial Day, so maybe we’ve got more time on our hands than a certain other blogger Award Winning Journalist™.

Anyway, it’s good to be back.

The GotNwes Management

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