BREAKING: GotNewsDotCom awakes from slumber, publishes cascade of tripe

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Fear the high IQ Cyclops!
Fear the high IQ Cyclops!

Like a sleeping Cyclops, GotNewsDotCom has awakened from its relative dormancy to amuse and inform horrify the world with five — count ’em — five articles published in short order.

They are:

Story #1: David Daleiden and I are BFFs. Also the Planned Parenthood thing is all totally true.
Story #2: Sandra Bland (who was just killed by a cop) had mental issues, so y’know, she got what was coming
Story #3: The Chattanooga shooter was a MMA fighter. Also Muslim.
Story #4: We found his weird YouTube!!
Story #5: Gawker went over the line, and so we’re going to doxx their source to show everyone how morally superior we are.

GotNwes will attempt to address these earth-shattering nwes stroies as best we can in the following hours.

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