BREAKING: #SandraBland’s “depression,” not cops’ racism, caused her death

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Notice "racism" is not on the list. I rest my case.
Notice “racism” is not on the list. I rest my case.
Contributed reporting By Shenanigans Knootsenianian
By all officials account, Sandra Bland hanged herself while in police custody. But why?

Was it because Bland, a black woman, was arrested by police in whitey-white Texas after a traffic stop? Not at all. She was mentally ill, and suffered from “depression,” as she called it.

We’ll just ignore statements by her family that Bland had everything to live for, what with a new job and stuff like that.

Just take a look at the stuff I found on her social media accounts. Nothing like sifting through the electronic remains of a dead person, amirite?

She talks about her “depression” and some race stuff — not good race stuff, like saying we white people are good and pure, but bad race stuff, saying we’re bigoted against ni- um, black people.

Of course, the usual race baiters, not to be confused with the master race baiters, had something to say about Bland’s death. They’ll be investigations, even by Chuck Norris’ old outfit, the Texas Rangers, trying to blame a white officer for pulling over a black woman for a minor traffic offense, then pinning her to the ground and hauling her off to jail.

We’re pretty sure he’s innocent, ’cause he’s white, you know? She’s black, you know.

Maybe Bland did it for attention? I have no clue. Just asking questions here.

Just like Dylann Roof. He was mentally ill and was taking medication that probably made him all twitchy and stuff. What a shame he just happened to be in a black church with a firearm, when he started making racist comments and shooting people because they were black.

He’s not to blame. It was the drugs, and his mental state, and society, and Affirmative Action, and … and Obama! But he wasn’t a racist.

Likewise, the Texas cops aren’t to blame for Bland’s death. She was just not right in the head, poor dear.

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