Yeah, we’re back, kinda

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We're getting better
We’re getting better’s crack team of mercenary bloggers (or is it our mercenary team of crack bloggers?) — anyway, we’ve been enjoying a nice long vacation, mercifully away from the absolute BS perpetrated by the parody news site GotNewsDotCom.

Then, there was that little DNS server problem that temporarily put our site into LaLa Land.

While the team has been enjoying a well deserved rest, blogger Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson, editor-in-thief of GotNewsDotCom, has been up to his usual tricks, attempting to smear everyone he doesn’t like or ever hope to get money from, embarrass African-American reporters who are more successful than he is, out rape victims and suck up to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

We’ll get around to covering those stories, sometime. Mostly, we’re hoping if we ignore Johnson, he’ll just f-f-f-f-fade away.

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