BREAKING We have the Planned Parenthood videos and also this really neat TRO

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My arm is getting really tired
My arm is getting really tired
Yet another in a series of insights into the mind of blogger and Legal Demand Letter Collecting Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson. Any resemblance to true and actual events is merely coincidental.

So, yeah, we have the videos concocted by our friends at Center for Medical Progress and we were going to stream them online, but then we got this letter from some big law firm that said we can’t do that.

So, we gave those videos to another guy, who’s going to share them on YouTube and also BitTorrent, so we should be OK, right?

Here’s what happened. Those videos are sealed under a court order, but we got them from a Congressional source whom we can’t name, but it was definitely not our buddy David Daleiden, who made the videos. Nope. Someone working in Congress.

A couple of days after we said we were going to stream the videos at GotNewsDotCom, a man we have never seen before came to the house of Charles C. Johnson in Clovis. CA. The man was dressed in a suit and we could see he had a sidearm, as well as an envelope. Alarmed, Johnson (who is really us) called the police, who had a laugh and told him … us … that the man in plainclothes was a process server, and not to worry. At least about the gun, unless Johnson did something stupid.

Oddly, we didn’t.

The man (whom we and Johnson still don’t know) throooo the envelope at the front door, and left.

Here’s what this totally unconstitutional letter said. (We’re paraphrasing here.)

Dear Mr. Johnson and/or GotNews LLC,

We represent the National Abortion Federation. Please find attached two Temporary Restraining Orders, that are signed by, you know, a judge, which means you have to obey them, or else. So, you’d better stop with the video sharing and by the way preserve all correspondence with David Daleiden. Oh, and we’re seeking a Temporary Injunction, too. Just so you know.

Derek P. Foran,
Morrison Foerster
San Francisco

We’re putting this letter in our scrapbook, after the cease and desist letter we got from attorneys for Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) about publishing she’s involved with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and that grand jury subpoena from Mississippi about that Thad Cochran election stuff.

And just like in those other two cases, we’re going to ignore the demands, because we are always right, being of exceptionally high IQ and also totally white. And Viking.

Bring it on, legal establishment!! We ain’t afraid of no judge. (Except maybe that one in federal district court in Missouri.)


For actual, true facts about this story, see Politico and Little Green Footballs.


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