BREAKING: How dare @Buzzfeed have a better memory than Chuck C. Johnson of his homophobic tweets

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I never said nothing 'bout that!
I never said nothing ’bout that!
Today’s breaking, hot and sweaty nwes at GotNewsDotCom is Chuck C. Johnson’s whine that Buzzfeed doesn’t like him much.

They called him a “troll.” They omitted his reference to Donald Trump’s son as autistic. And, horror of horrors! They accused Johnson of saying a train engineer’s sexual orientation caused a train wreck outside Philadelphia in May.

Here’s what Buzzfeed said:

Johnson has been called out for several controversial statements and actions — like saying homosexuality caused a fatal Amtrak derailment and apparently calling for someone to “take out” a prominent black protester.

And here’s Johnson’s semi-literate response on his blog Independent Internet Newspaper (emphasis added):

In other words, they deliberately cut the context and that’s how the article ends without any ending comment. It’s also inaccurate. I have never claimed that homosexuality called a fatal Amtrak derailment and no one serious thinks I was speaking anything but metaphorically about #BlackLivesMatter racial agitator DeRay McKesson.

Johnson even whined on Facebook about the train wreck remark.

Except you did, sonny
Except you did, sonny

The guy with the high IQ seems to have forgotten his own tweets, archived at his own vanity site, Buzzfeed (and GotNwes), fortunately, have better memories.

We're just asking questions here
We’re just asking questions here

At his blog Independent Internet Newspaper, Award Winning Journalist™ Johnson also devoted two posts describing the engineer’s support of transgender people and reprinting photos of the engineer’s penis from his social media accounts, with the implication that such behavior might have contributed to the crash.

OK, so Johnson used weasel words in his tweets saying he was putting it out there for other people to decide if Brandon Bostian’s sexual orientation caused a fatal train wreck, but Buzzfeed is still justified in saying Johnson linked homosexuality to the wreck. Context natters.

Amtrak 188 derailed outside Philadelphia after the train entered a sharp curve going more than 100 mph. Bostian applied the emergency brakes to slow the train down, but it was still going too fast and left the track. Eight people died in the wreck, and there were about 200 injured. The exact cause of the excessive speed wreck has still not been determined.

Johnson closes his anti-Buzzfeed Waa-mbulance call with this jewel:

And tomorrow, the world!
And tomorrow, the world!

Be afraid, Buzzfeed. Be very afraid.

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