ANALYSISIS: Colo Springs shooting is totally #PlannedParenthood ‘s fault for going after me!

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Prove me wrong!
Prove me wrong!

GotNwes has once again peered into the high IQ mind of Chuck C. Johnson in an effort to translate his latest rant analysis into plain English.

UPDATE: Check the end of this post for shocking nwes!
Police have arrested Robert Lewis Dear, and charged him with killing a police officer and two civilians at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

Well, if Planned Parenthood hadn’t gone after me for publishing those anti-abortion videos at GotNewsDotCom, this shooting wouldn’t have happened! It’s all their fault.

In fact, we don’t know yet why Dear shot up that clinic, but I have some ideas. It’s the oppression by Planned Parenthood on people like me. If they didn’t prevent people from harassing clients and employees and from publishing hours of smear videos online, none of this would have happened!

If elected officials don’t do the right thing and ignore the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade, then violence is the only answer! (Of course, I would never do such a thing. I’m too pro-life. But I do have a gun. Clear?)

So, they got what they deserved, those mean, nasty abortionisters who kill babbies and sell their parts online — or whatever it is they do.

Needless to say, Johnson has written much more than this condensed version here. And if you think we are exaggerating, here’s his actual words. From his blog:
shooting justified

And from his Facebook page:
DARVO again

In fact, Planned Parenthood is not suing Johnson. The National Abortion Federation subpoenaed him last month as part of its complaint against the Center for Medical Progress and two of its officers for distributing hours of videos intended to smear the organization. But, facts are a slippery concept to this Award Winning Journalist™

UPDATE: True to form, Johnson is shamelessly using the deaths of three innocent people — none of whom worked for Planned Parenthood — to raise money for his legal defense fund. His posted this in his Facebook feed today.

Just ignore my using the tragedy to raise money for myself
Just ignore my using the tragedy to raise money for myself

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