BREAKING: Chuck C. Johnson runs snuff pr0n ads for @Generosity fundraiser

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Send me moneys or the baby dies
Send me moneys or the baby dies
In an effort to raise money for his legal defense fund, Chuck C. Johnson has resorted to running anti-abortion shock ads on his blog Independent Internet Newspaper, GotNewsDotCom. The two ads (see below) link to his fundraising page.

Johnson is trying to raise $10,000 for a “legal defense fund,” after he inserted himself into the legal battle between the National Abortion Federation and the newspeak-named Center for Medical Progress.

The ads coincidentally run just days after a man killed three and injured several others at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

CMP created hours of deceptive videos, supposedly exposing illicit activity by Planned Parenthood. NAF got a temporary restraining order to halt distribution of the videos, but Johnson obtained them and began posting them on his website. He was later served with a subpoena, which he is fighting, invoking his rights as a journalist not to reveal his sources.

Johnson says he is fighting abortion and Planned Parenthood in the ads and in his constant appeals on his Facebook page, but the purpose of the Generosity campaign is to raise money for “an expensive” legal battle with the NAF.

The NAF and Planned Parenthood are not the same thing. Defending oneself against a subpoena to discover who leaked the videos to GotNewsDotCom is not the same thing as “fighting abortion.” Johnson is playing fast and loose with the facts in order to save his own neck.

We are posting the ads (sans the links) below this story, to minimize offending people. These are real, not parodies. The GotNewsDotCom watermark appears on all of Johnson’s website images.

If you find them offensive, don’t complain to me. Complain to and Johnson himself.

Wrong in so many ways
Wrong in so many ways

new grifting ad 2

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