BUSTED: Erick Erickson’s The Regurgitant caught getting a whole ten grand from anti-Trump donor

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We'd rather have the green ones called Benjamins
We’d rather have the green ones called Benjamins
Conservative pundit and Pillsbury mascot Erick Erickson’s Regurgitant website got a $10,000 donation from the anti-Trump Our Principle PAC, GotNwes can report.

So no wonder Erick has turned against Trump, the cheapskate. We would have held out for more dough.

Wait, ignore that remark.

But this website is reader supported, so if you want to donate money to test our limits, here’s the link.

Erickson did not disclose this massive donation to his readers. We are shocked, shocked that lack of transparency exists in the right wing shill industry media!!

The PAC is the brainchild of Paul Singer, who is for gay marriage and Marco Rubio. We’re not sure which is worse, unless it were gay marrying Marco Rubio.

Singer also sponsors the National Review (anti-Trump) and targeted Sen Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) for his views on the PATRIOT Act, for so naturally he’s on our shit list.

Did we mention GotNwes is entirely reader supported with donations?

Erickson has tweeted he thinks Rubio is a “good man,” which didn’t help Rubio one bit, and lent his support to Cruz at the last minute, so clearly he’s in Singer’s pocket. Because supporting Cruz while Singer opposes him would play into Singer’s nefarious plans to … to .. to do something bad.

Nevermind the details.

Unlike some political websites, GotNwes.com is totally unbiased and has tried to be fair to all the candidates, except Marco Rubio who is a fraud. Also we adore Ted Cruz, so he’s off limits, people. GotNwes.com is reader supported, so please donate ASAP so we can make the mortgage payment on time.

How objective can Erickson be? How objective was he ever?

This time we didn’t reach out, but contacted Erickson to see if he got any more dough from Singer, and we’ll update the post if he chooses to answer and we choose to acknowledge it.

PAC money may also be going to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. Find out and we’ll reward you with that donation money just flowing in by the hour. Email us at editor@gotnwes.com.

And send money, too. In fact, just pay yourself the money and give us the tip for free. It’ll save time.

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