Censored on $FB! Banned on Facebook for 30 days for posting “kill the savages” (#Trump foreign policy)

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[EDITORS NOTE: We tried to translate this post from the original Johnson argle-bargle, until our transators all took medical leave to recuperate from mental exhaustion. If it doesn’t make any sense, don’t blame us.]

You left out "rape their women" -- good for another 30 days ban
You left out “rape their women” — good for another 30 days ban

GotNewsDotCom editor-in-chief Chuck C. Johnson has been banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting a paraphrase of Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

It’s not the first time Johnson has been banned from Facebook. Or from Twitter. YikYak may be next. Who knows?

His first Facebook ban was for posting the allegation that a State Department official was in the Ashley Madison database. While he was able to regain his account, the Facebook account of his blog the cornerstone of his media empire, GotNewsDotCom (which is not us!), was deleted. The world wept.

The second ban was for this little witticism in his FB status:

“In the multicultural melting pot Muslims are that explosive new ingredient!”

Hahaha! I crack me up!

This latest ban is all because of the German government telling Facebook to police anti-Muslim hate speech. This may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but the American and German economies are intertwined and German has the second largest number of Wikipedia entries after English.

Also, Facebook is limiting the flow of information and labor, which is totally counter to globalization, at a time when the world is growing increasingly bearish.

[EDITORS NOTE: We don’t know what this means, either. Nor do our German translators.]

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wants to give amnesty to illegal Hispanics, and he’s been sucking up to the Chinese to expand his global empire. Plus, he’s invested in virtual reality to pull even more millions of people away from productive work and human relationships into the Facebook universe.

But Germany telling him to police his German members ought to worry him.

Hillary Clinton could be the next president. Obama was a sycophant to the Silicon Valley fascists. His meteoric rise coincidentally parallels their rapid growth, or is it a coincidence?

In other words, Facebook needs to worry about politics more than economics, and banning Johnson is a political blunder that will bring the gigantic social media platform to a smoldering ruin.

Speaking of economics, though, ad revenue will decline because people are not spending so much, but they sure do like those new Facebook emoticons.

But it’s unclear how your clicking “like” translates into real money for Facebook, but Zuckerberg is rich, so there’s that.

Did we mention that GotNewsDotCom plans to sue Twitter? If you want to help with that effort, we’ll take a moment to remind you for the zillionth time that GotNwes.com is reader supported, and there’s this handy donations page.

Someone needs to stand up to them.

Someone also needs to stand up to hyperbole!
Someone also needs to stand up to hyperbole!

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