BREAKING: Chuck Johnson targets National Review writer for being ‘malicious, conniving faggot’

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[UPDATE April 3: Johnson enlarged his anti-Weinstein screed to respond to Kirchick’s dismissive tweet below. In the new, revised screed, we learn that calling someone a faggot builds cohesion and intimacy, and that Johnson is at a complete loss of what to do with his IQ of 145-154. We suggest shoving it.]

So don't say anything bad about him!
So don’t say anything bad about him!
Chuck C. Johnson took a few moments away from his anti-Michelle Fields obsession today to publish an inflammatory, rambling post calling a National Review writer a “malicious, conniving faggot” who “shills” for foreign governments.

Apparently Jamie Kirchick got on Johnson’s bad side (easy to do, really) by connecting the alt-right movement to neo-nazis and white supremacists in an article in the National Review. While the rest of the world would find nothing shocking or inaccurate about Kirchick’s assessment, Johnson, who claims he has friends in all three groups, took the revelations rather personally.

As usual, Johnson’s measured and calm response was character assassination, innuendo, and just plain vindictiveness.

But tell how you really feel, Chuck!
But tell how you really feel, Chuck!

Oh, my, to quote George Takei.

Kirchick’s comment on Twitter, which has banned Johnson for life (we hope), was appropriately dismissive.

[See below for Johnson’s rebuttal.]

So, here’s what Kirchick did to punch Johnson’s hot buttons.

First, his analysis was headlined “Why white-nationalist thugs thrill to Trump.” Bad, Jamie, bad. Everyone knows “thug” in Chuck Johnson’s world means “black guy who was probably just shot dead by a white cop for doing perfectly ordinary things like buying Skittles.” White guys cannot, therefore, be thugs, since they are neither black nor dead.

Next, Kirchick made the connection between these nice, gentle, law-abiding white supremacists to Donald Trump (R-Blowhard), who next to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) is Johnson’s second-favorite Conservative God Who Will Save (white male) Americans from the Fiery Pits of Social Justice Warriors.

Trump’s tirades against Mexicans, Muslims and immigrants in general have made him very popular among people in the alt-right movement who don’t like Mexicans, Muslims and immigrants in general (among others). Also, not surprisingly, the alt-right movement’s membership and political philosophy intersects — if not coincides — with that of neo-nazis, nativists and white supremacists.

That it took the National Review this long to notice this intersection would be the subject of a long and boring analysis, but it can be summarized thusly.


Anyway, this cogent analysis set Johnson’s teeth on edge, because besides loving Trump almost as much as Cruz, Chuckie also appears to be a nativist, a “scientific racist” and a white supremacist (except Asians — they’re OK, coz he married one). He has referred to The Bell Curve as a seminal influence on his life. he says, non-white immigrants are bad, except Asians, of course. He says African-American men are genetically pre-disposed to violence. Also, he has asserted that gay men are more likely to do drugs and have mental problems.

So, Johnson came out swinging — wildly, as usual.

Kirchick apparently referred to Andrew Breitbart (pbuh) and Breitbart “News” in a less than reverential manner, prompting Johnson to remind everyone once a-fcking-gain that he used to work for Breitbart (pbuh) and that argle bargle Donald Trump four times, chicken burrito.

[OK, he didn’t bring up the chicken burrito incident again, but we bet he was thinking about.]

Then, Johnson rambles on about how Kirchick, who is a foreign policy wonk, has traveled abroad, met foreign people, worked with lobbyists from foreign countries and (shocker!) written articles about foreign relations.

Totally a shill.

How this foreign policy wonking has anything to do with the alt-right movements and Donald Trump is beyond us, but that’s how Johnson rolls. Connect the dots, people!

No hit piece by Johnson would be complete without at least one mention of some slight committed by the subject against Johnson, and we are not disappointed this time. It seems the paths of Kirchick and Johnson crossed at the Wall Street Journal, where Johnson was once an intern.

Ants are much more relevant, however.
Ants are much more relevant, however.

Finally, Johnson ends his screed with a defense of the alt-right movement that ironically confirms most of what Kirchick was saying.

And we're not thugs, either, silly!
And we’re not thugs, either, silly!

Take that, you Jewish gay neo-conservative shill person, you! You can’t be in our clubhouse anymore!

UPDATE April 3: Johnson monitors Twitter, so he got wind of Kirchick’s sarcastic tweet above. In typical fashion, his reply misses the point. Kirchick said everything Johnson said was inaccurate, except the part where Kirchick is a “malicious, conniving faggot.” So. what does Johnson do? He defends using the word “faggot” in a bit of what appears to be beat poetry.

Cohesion and intimacy, man!
Cohesion and intimacy, man!

Kirchick took the bait
of me calling him a
& turned it into
a pull quote.
Doesn’t he know …
doesn’t mean what he thinks
it means on
the Internet?
Like … the word
faggot is used to
strip away
all niceties of
It’s a way of
using the
violation of the taboo
to build intimacy
[bongos, finger snapping]

At the end of the post, Johnson addresses accusations that he believes in conspiracy theories, and manages to work in a reference to his latest obsession, Michelle Fields, and his 2013 exposé of the Wall Street Journal’s Syria “expert,” who had faked her résumé — for which Johnson, then a WSJ intern, was fired — by a friend of Kirchick. So, no conspiracy theory there.

He also once again accuses Dave Weigel of the Washington Post of being mentally ill.

Then, we are treated to Johnson’s efforts to wave away accusations that he is anti-Semitic, given his earlier harsh references to Kirchick’s religion. He only digs himself a deeper hole. We have done screencaps to show we are not making this shit up.

And I bet you eat bagels, too!
And I bet you eat bagels, too!

So, Jews are smart, Palestinians are dumb. Oooookay!
So, Jews are smart, Palestinians are dumb. Oooookay!

So, are you getting some understanding why Johnson doesn’t like Kirchick calling white supremacists “thugs?” It hits a little too close to home.

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