BREAKING, EARTH SHATTERING: GotNewsDotCom reveals @SooperMexican may or may not be Mexican

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SooperMexican also hates liberals
SooperMexican also hates liberals
A week ago, Award winning Journalist Chuck C. Johnson was convinced that the conservative blogger known as SooperMexican was an Anglo computer guy from Oregon, despite the guy saying he wasn’t.

Now, Johnson’s big nwes stroy says SooperMexican is some guy named Jake Aguirre who lives in New York.


In the real world, no one probably gives a flying doughnut if SooperMexican were really Mexican or not, but SooperMexican is virulently anti-Trump, which has activated Johnson’s targeting system.

You see, Johnson is obsessed with uncovering frauds, and discrediting people he doesn’t like, which is quite a few people, as it turns out.

Next to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) — The One — Johnson’s next best presidential hopeful is Donald Trump (R-Blowhard). A few weeks ago, conservative reporter Michelle Fields accused Trump’s campaign manager of grabbing her hard enough on the arm to leave bruises. She even filed a complaint with the local police department, and may have said some uncomplimentary things about Trump and the alleged grabber, Corey Lewandowski.

Johnson went after her reputation like a hungry alligator at a family picnic, writing no less than 11 posts discrediting her and her accusations at his blog, GotNewsDotCom (which is not us!). He even took credit for the local prosecutor deciding not to pursue the case.

Well, guess who else is anti-Trump, and who also defended Fields against Lewandowski’s smearing of her?

¡Sí! ¡El SooperMexican!

So, on April 12, Johnson published a post with this headline.


Johnson based his top notch, high IQ reportage on the sole fact that Donal Turrentine owns a company called Your Computer Genius, and this company was the registrant for the domain name Zowie!

He ran photos of both the masked SooperMexican, who is clean-shaven and has brown eyes, and Turrentine, who has a chin beard and green eyes. After his post was published, Turrentine apparently contacted him to say he was not El Sooper. And this is Johnson’s comment.

Why should we believe a guy who pretends to be Mexican, after all?
Why should we believe a guy who pretends to be Mexican, after all?

As an aside, we would like to point out that there are in fact white Mexicans, that is, Mexican nationals with solely European ancestors. But we suppose Johnson’s referring to those brown-skinned Mexicans swarming over our southern border to rape and pillage helpless USA-ans.

Well, anyways, Turrentine is not El Sooper, who joked about it as “SooperGringo” on his podcast.

Not to be deterred by fucking up yet another story, Johnson came back yesterday with another blockbuster post.

For sure. Totally!
For sure. Totally!

But he’s not Mexican, as far as we know.

This time, Johnson claims “mutual friends” have confirmed Jacob “Jake” Aguirre is El Sooper. Nice friends, Jake. As added proof for his latest exposé, the Ginger Avenger includes Aguirre’s LinkedIn profile and a DUI charge from 2012 for someone named Jacob Aguirre living in the same town.

The world can now rest easy, knowing who SooperMexican may or may not be.

[By the way, this post should not be taken as an endorsement of SooperMexican or his politics, but we agree about Trump, at least.]

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