Chuck C. Johnson: Puerto Ricans are too stupid, so let the island’s economy tank!

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So pretty, but what about your PISA scores, chica?
So pretty, but what about your PISA scores, chica?
The National Review and House Speaker Paul Ryan have called for bailing out Puerto Rico, but they’ve failed to note how pathetically stupid Puerto Ricans are.

I mean, they want to raise the minimum wage! And the “Singapore of the Caribbean,” the Leichtenstein of the Americas, has turned out to be a total bust. Even though rich people live there.

See the stupid girl in the mirror there!
See the stupid girl in the mirror there!

But really what I’m here to talk about is the Puerto Rican hedge fund and lobby connections that Ryan and the National Review have. I just thought I’d remind everyone about human biodiversity and stuff, too, because it’s all relevant. To me, anyway.

Just let their economy tank. We don’t any more brown people around here.

Another state? Like, we have one already?
Another state? Like, we have one already?


EDITORS NOTE: The PISA scores that VDare writer Steve Sailer “uncovered,” like it was some kind of state secret concealed in a Wikileaks dump, are the 2012 mathematics, science and reading scores for 15-year-olds in Puerto Rico, freely available here. (PDF) PISA stands for Program for International Student Assessment, which was administered in the Commonwealth for the first time in 2012 as part of a research study. The findings of that study were released in 2014, because scientific analysis takes somewhat longer than writing half-assed blog posts.

And yeah, the scores were low. But, despite all the hand-waving “human biodiversity” argle-bargle Sailer and Johnson may spout, PISA scores are not an indication of IQ or intelligence. Rather, they measure the quality of education and the retention of that education by the students being tested.

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a system of international assessments that allows countries to compare outcomes of learning as students near the end of compulsory schooling.

(Draft report, page 6, line 50ff)

Ain’t nothing there about intelligence or IQ scores. Johnson is just being his usual racist self. He can’t help it.

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  1. If you look at some of the papers of Heiner Rindermann looking at the results of PISA, TIMMS results and cognitive ability comparisons the results are closely associated with more traditional psychometric test results. Steve Hsu has also posted on this.

    1. There is some correlation, but it’s incorrect to assume the PISA and TIMMS results indicate troublesome IQ scores or comparative lack of intelligence. Johnson claimed the PISA scores — for one age group only — show that Puerto Ricans in general are stupid. His logic is flawed.

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