UPDATED: Chuck Johnson says he’s quitting fascist Facebook, then comes right back

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Chuck Johnson applies self-imposed gag rule on Facebook
Chuck Johnson applies self-imposed gag rule on Facebook
In a video message to his dozens of fans, Chuck C. Johnson declares that Facebook is “enslaving people” and quashing his free speech, so he says “not going to be participating in Facebook the way I once did.”

The world weeps at the tragic news.

[UPDATE (4/28/2016): As if. He was back posting the same kind of BS less than four days after his emo-video.]

Johnson’s Facebook account was suspended for a month after he made hateful remarks about Muslims that ran afoul of Facebook’s community standards. Here’s what he said.

You left out "rape their women" -- good for another 30 days ban
You left out “rape their women” — good for another 30 days ban

Johnson had ramped up his posting at Facebook after Twitter perma-banned him last Memorial Day weekend for repeated abuse of the Twitter TOS. Twitter had suspended his access at least three times previously.

Slow learner, maybe?

Using his mobile phone, Johnson recorded a short video in his home office to explain to his followers why he was all but abandoning Facebook (while keeping his accounts active). Johnson also maintains an account for his blog, GotNewsDotCom (which is not us!), and said he might still be posting his inciteful remarks there.

But Johnson says he’s not going to “encourage Mark Zuckerberg’s fascism” anymore, so he’s quitting using Facebook as he once did.

[UPDATE (4/28/2016): HAHAHAHAHA! His self-imposed banishment lasted exactly four days. He was back on FB soliciting news tips on the 26th, followed by a stream of anti-Carly Fiorina messages. Once again, Johnson proves no one can believe what he says is true.]

We note for the record that Facebook, like Twitter, is a non-governmental unit which is not bound by the First Amendment. The government cannot shut down Johnson’s website, or prevent him from speaking publicly, but private companies have their own rules and regulations. Follow the rules, you get to use the service. Break the rules, you lose the service.

You’d think a self-described, high-IQ conservative could grasp these simple facts.

Here is his video. Click at your own risk.

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