BUSTED: Pinterest not white enough, says Chuck C. Johnson, who goofs again

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Proposals are not policies, committees are not boards
Proposals are not policies, committees are not boards
The latest tech company to earn the scorn and derision of pasty white, factually challenged Chuck C. Johnson is Pinterest, which he claims is the unnamed social media company discussed in a recent post at Medium.

Whether the company in question is Pinterest is irrevelevant, because Johnson gets the facts of the matter wrong.

Johnson claims that the company has already put into effect reverse discrimination hiring policies, to increase the diversity of its workforce. This is illegal, he says.

Not so fast, junior
Not so fast, junior

There’s only one small, teeny tiny problem. No such policies are in place.

If he had bothered to read the Medium article’s words, as we did, Johnson would have discovered (maybe) that the hiring practices have only been discussed in a committee as proposals.

My company has recently formed a committee to improve how we hire. At first I was optimistic that we could improve our hiring process to ensure that we are hiring the best people for the job. Unfortunately my optimism was misplaced as the committee seems to be a place for diversity advocates to push hard to codify changes to lower the bar for members of certain favored groups.

Here is a list of all the bar lowering changes I’ve seen people push for at my company:

[Highlighting added]

So, is the company discriminating against white male coders? No.

Has the company puts its new hiring policies into effect? No.

Is anything illegal going on? No.

Another nontroversy brought to you by the doyen of GotNewsDotCom, a blog struggling to maintain relevancy.

Johnson has been pushing his “Johnson dollar diversity dilemma hypothesis” lately, which says companies which pursue “Social Justice Warrior” causes to benefit women and minorities will inevitably fail as businesses. He’s used the tumbling share prices of Twitter and Netflix as examples, noting that he has shorted both companies and encouraging his dozens of followers to follow suit.

He’s the same guy who bet $5,400 on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) becoming president, by the way.

We will grant that the company mentioned in Medium could be Pinterest. We don’t know if it is, and we don’t really care. A private company can do whatever the hell it wants to do within legal limits, and if it wants to discuss new hiring practices, it can.

Also, if a company like Twitter or Facebook decides it doesn’t want Johnson using its service to harass and intimidate people, it can boot him off. Too bad if he doesn’t like it.

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