EXCLUSIVE: The saga of Chuck Johnson’s big Comedy Central debut (as in ‘duh butt’ of jokes)

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Prove me wrong!
Prove me wrong!

Johnson watchers (that sounds kinda risqué, actually) were treated to the following announcement on the Award Winning Journalist’s Facebook page last week.

You could put it that way, I guess.
You could put it that way, I guess.

Given the writer’s tendency to exaggerate his accomplishments, one might have assumed he was blowing hot air out of his, well, you know.

Turns out, the Comedy Central gig was a real thing, but instead of it being a major accomplishment — “I’m gonna be a star, ma!” — it was more like, “Hey, look at the red-haired doofus bragging about outing rape victims!”

It turns out not everyone was thrilled with Chuck Johnson’s appearance on the pilot of comedian Moshe Kasher’s comedy talk show, “Problematic.” Kasher, or his casting director, apparently chose Johnson with that expectation.

Details of the taping are limited. All we have to go on so far are Johnson’s comments on Facebook and the tweets of two female participants. They and Johnson have exchanged words, as the saying goes.

Talia Jane (@itsa_talia)is the former Yelp employee who complained about her crappy wages on Medium, which led to her being dismissed. Here’s what she tweeted.

soft hands

And here’s how Johnson responded on Facebook. (As a reminder, he lost his Twitter accounts — plural — last Memorial Day weekend, so Facebook is now his main channel to the outside world.)

CCJ whiny chick

She fired back with both barrels.

moldy turd

Note the reference by another tweeter to Johnson’s now-legendary floor pooping episode, which was one focus of his failed libel/defamation suit against Gawker Media. Johnson insists the pooping never happened, but it’s become part of Internet lore, kinda like Obama being born in Kenya.

Then he mixed things up with Lindsey (@cardsagsthrsmt) from Minneapolis, who originated the Cards Against Harassment campaign there.

She had tweeted this.


We gather that Johnson was given a chance to tell everyone how he has outed rape victims, accused other women of faking rape stories, and other such contributions to the cesspools of the Internet. He’s very proud of these contributions, and seems baffled that others don’t.

CCJ moshe kasher

Lindsey’s rejoinder was classic.

oprhan annie wig

From what we can piece together from these exchanges, Johnson’s big break on Comedy Central was to serve as the subject of ridicule by a hostile audience. Watching the pilot, if it ever sees the light of day, should be an interesting experience, like watching one of those nature programs of formerly captive animals being released into the wild.

And BTW, what the hell is “anti-fragile”? He’s against fragile items? So, all the dishes and cups in house are plastic or metal?

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