BREAKING: Chuck C. Johnson suspended from Facebook yet again

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Chuck Johnson off Facebook yet again (Artist's conception)
Chuck Johnson off Facebook yet again (Artist’s conception)
The last few days have not been especially good for the Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson. On Tuesday he served as the foil in a Comedy Central pilot, and yesterday he was suspended from Facebook — again.

On the bright side, he’s racking up social media bans/suspensions like no tomorrow. At least four on Twitter, and at least three priors on Facebook. He’s been banned from Twitter for almost a year.

As before, he blames the social media provider for taking him out, rather than examine his own culpability.

Here’s what he said on Facebook that earned him another 30-day suspension.

First he praised George Zimmerman’s killing of a young African-American man for the crime of being a young African-American black man.


Then he made a “joke” about Paul Ryan and Donald Trump, and somehow managed to work in the word “faggot.”

Image h/t Little Green Footballs
Image h/t Little Green Footballs

Facebook had suspended Johnson in March, following another violation of the TOS, in which he insulted Muslims. When that suspension ended, Johnson posted a melodramatic video on his Facebook page swearing he was quitting Facebook forever, because it was “enslaving people.” He said he wasn’t going to “encourage Mark Zuckerberg’s fascism” anymore.

Three days later, he was back on Facebook, and he hasn’t let up since.

As he did following his Twitter ban, Johnson is painting this latest suspension as the worst calamity since Pearl Harbor, while reviewing his own rap sheet.

suspended again

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Cowboy Chuck has been posting videos on YouTube. His latest beer-soaked installment features his commentary on his big TV debut on Comedy Central and how he’s going to be a delegate for Donald Trump at the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

It’s painful to watch, but if you really want to, here it is.

Psst! He’s not on the delegate list.

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