EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Johnson takes to Reddit to promote himself

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Ever photogenic, Chuck proudly wears his (new) hero's inspirational ballcap.
Ever photogenic, Chuck proudly wears his (new) hero’s inspirational ballcap.

Chuck Johnson started his own Chuck Johnson Reddit AMA, as promoted by Chuck Johnson AMA LLC, on The Donald subreddit, because, you know, self-promotion and news-cycle hijacking are Johnson’s forte.

Johnson introduced himself by bragging about the people has has supposedly brought down singlehandedly, including Gawker, which curiously still seems to be in operation. He promoted his legally dubious alternative research outfit, WeSearchr.com, and boasted that he’s going to be an alternate delegate for Donald Trump, whom he “has known since 2011,” at the Republican National Convention in July.

As we are wont to do at GotNwes, we have subjected ourselves to this particular AMA to provide a condensed version here.

About Trump:

He has known Donald Trump since 2011, but did not answer most questions seeking specific details of that association.

This response suggests he knows Trump mostly through TV.

Q: As you’ve know Donald for a while, what’s he like to be around in person?

A: Real.

I’m of the view that Donald Trump is an economic, cultural and political figure.

I supported him after he forced Obama to reveal his fake birth certificate. I wouldn’t say we are terribly close but I did watch all of the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice and I’ve come around to him as a political figure.
I placed a bet on him and Ted Cruz in London but I honestly never expected the Republican Establishment to be as weak as it wound up being.

Yeah, about that bet. Johnson has stated several times that he placed a $5,400 35-to-1 bet on Cruz, but only recently has he said anything about a similar bet on Trump. If he had really made such bets, why mention only one initially, and not both? Now he claims the Cruz bet was a “hedge,” suggesting Trump was the original bet.

Or, he could be making it all up.

One request for further details did get answered, sort of.

Q. As someone who has known “The Donald” since 2011, what is your favorite moment you have shared with Mr. Trump?

A: When we discussed Barack Obama and the loser Republicans.

Q: Can you expand on your being an alternate delegate for Trump?

A: “It hasn’t been announced yet.”

We await this news with bated breath.

Johnson predicted Trump will win the general election, because the Clintons are weak. “I suspect it will be a 54-46 election.”

[So do we, but not with Trump the winner.]

Q: Why did you jump off the Cruz train and on to the Trump train?

A: “Cruz blamed Trump for the thugs coming to get Trump. I don’t go for that.”

He has been working for Trump “behind the scenes” and one day the public will know all that he has done.

There’s about a 5-10% chance that Trump will be assassinated.

About alpha males:

Society is collapsing, which means alpha males will rise to the top. Trump is an alpha male. So is Mike Cernovich, who is so alpha that he can now hear electromagnetic waves and may soon access the multiverse.

About Barack Obama:

He is gay. His father is Frank Marshall Davis. His younger daughter is not his. Oh, and the hands! The birth certificate is fake. Chuck has several birth certificates of Hawaiian African-American males in his collection.

Obama has moles, and only West African blacks have those.

Michelle has “high levels of testerone which is not uncommon for black women.”

Johnson is waiting until Obama is out of office to reveal all these secrets, because otherwise they can audit him.

About George Zimmerman:

They are going to initiate a “bounty” to sue Twitter.

George Zimmerman is a great man and a good friend. The media doesn’t want him to survive so they wanted to crush him. Why? Because they need you to believe the lie about a young black boy killed in cold blood.

About Gawker:

He says he sued them to force them to spend money, which is the very definition of a nuisance suit.

I made Nick Denton a promise when his publication made up various things about me. I sued them because frankly fuck them. It was good fun to throw in a dollar and get them to spend a 1000. I’d do it again. I wish dueling were legal so I could challenge Denton to one.

I wonder why no one has noticed that when I say certain companies are going to be fucked and then they end up getting fucked that I’m not given some sort of credit or something. Oh, I know! Because I am a thought criminal.

Who you fuck is no one’s business unless you’re engaged in a serial fraud. I exposed the Kevin McCarthy-Renee Ellmers affair because they were family values Republicans who could have been extorted. I know of at least one Republican congressman who has been extorted because of an extramarrital affair he has had. I’m against that.

I wish Hulk Hogan the best of luck. Is it too late to have him build the Wall?

He knows a lot of stuff, but can’t reveal it now.

Gawker is finished. I know more than I am allowed to discuss but it’s over. You’re welcome.

Q What was your role in bringing down Gawker?

A. “When the time is right all will be revealed.”

About Twitter:

DeRay McKesson is Jack Dorsey’s boyfriend. That’s why Dorsey had Chuck kicked off Twitter.

About DeRay:

Trump beat DeRay in Baltimore. Something argle-bargle about his time at Bowdoin College.

About the media:

They are doomed. They are controlled by billionaires. The Cathedral (media, education, government) are the enemy. Facebook is in trouble.

Civil war has begun as a “cold, mostly electronic civil war where they kick us off platforms they say support free speech. It’s one where we are supposed to be slaves to their systems and ignore the frauds and just go to sleep with our pot, our virtual reality, our Facebooks.”

Media people have more sex than the rest of us. They try to use sex to get things.

“Silicon Valley fascism” has teamed up with Black Lives Matter and Obama to “to push this fiction that white cops kill blacks disproportionately. That’s why I fought it so hard and that’s why I will continue to fight to expose those relationships. It’s why I’m so friendly with George Zimmerman.”

His great regret:

One of the annoying things in my life is being right so often but being too young for anyone to notice. I get ripped off all the time but whatevers. At least people are paying attention.


About leftist myths:

Modernity. Feminism. Anti-racism. Liberal democracy. Government in general.

Every regime has an animating lie at its heart. Ours is that diversity is a strength.

About The Bell Curve:

He read it in high school, and hid it under his mattress. And he used to read Steve Sailer in the computer lab in high school, and delete his browser history. Just like every other male teenager in America.

I am against all forms of denying human difference and excellence. I think it’s immortal, counterproductive, and stupid.

Anti-white and anti-Asian hate is disturbing but not surprising given how our society works.”

About religion:

I’m not convinced that the Protestant revolt was such a good idea but I converted at the last minute to marry my wife and I’m lousy Catholic.

More about himself:

He is an Alt Right figure. He was Gamergate before there was a GamerGate. He reads a book about every three days or so.

Science and reason are my guides, not political trlbalism.

The capacity to understand the truth is a trait common only with the top quartile of IQ. I’m less interested in mass popular appeal because I’m not really a democrat. I’m interested in pursuing excellence and excellence is only recognizable to small numbers of people.

He, like, drinks a bit.

Q. Charles, I was watching you on Joe Rogan. You can hardly make it through a sentence without saying…like… …like… …like…
Like, what’s your problem?

A: I had been up all night drinking and forgot about the interview. I was also nervous. I don’t really like being on camera much.

About the Clintons:

Chelsea is not Bill’s daughter. Bill has a son. Bill has Parkinson’s disease. He is not a vegan.

About threats on his life:

Often enough that I have guns. I’m not really concerned about my lifetime well being. There are some things worse than death.

The problem with those of us who investigate conspiracies is that we’re very weird people on average and so the likelihood of mishaps goes up. Rest assured I will never ever kill myself and I have very good security at the homes I stay in or live at.

About Social Justice Warriors:

SJW women lie about rape. Don’t teach SJW bs to your kids, or use it to get laid or promoted. All SJWs lie. It’s “how they maintained control.”

About Jews:

Jews are way smart, like he is. So he likes Jews. Well, some Jews. They were good to him. He almost married a Jew. But they’re not perfect.

And yet Jews are not like me. Jews, like all people, advance their own interests thanks to ethnic nepotism. I don’t really have a problem with that and I note that whenever high IQs are present you get more extreme politics. You get a Milton Friedman as well as a Karl Marx.

Still, there is something to the idea of a Judeo-Bolshevism and it is a little disturbing how discussing this topic gets you automatically fired.

There are two kinds of Jews: “nationalistic” Jews are totally OK, but “globalistic” Jews are not. You know, the ones who are part of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy, we guess.

About WeSearchr:

It will be super-anonymous. Don’t worry about working for it. He’s got a great legal team. And he fought to protect his anonymous sources about the Planned Parenthood tapes. [Really, he refused a subpoena in the National Abortion Federation v. Center for medical Progress, et al. case, but gave a partial deposition. The judge hearing the case eventually decided Johnson’s source was not germane to the case and dismissed the subpoena.]

“I take the First Amendment really seriously because I don’t want to have to go and buy more guns when the Republic really starts to collapse.”

About Michelle Fields:

She’s a big fake. She used the Lewandowski thing to get into the limelight, with the help of her very rich boyfriend. The Trump campaign should have used his articles more, “You’ll note that when they did the whole story changed.”

About fake rapes:

He has “changed the climate” by naming fake rape victims. He has helped lawyers and college administrators in such cases.

About his powerful connections:

You’d be disturbed at how many people I have access to. Vcs, hedge funders, billionaires, high IQ people, scientists, journalists, politicians, celebrities. I’m kind of like their media mistress. They can’t tell anyone that they’re with me. The cucks tried to crush me awhile back but I survived so now they try to ignore me.

Easy to do when you’ve been kicked off Twitter and suspended from Facebook twice in a row.

About the death of colleges:

The future of college is to short the college bubble by building networks of high IQ children ages 14-18 and matching them with various companies in a reinvention of the apprenticeship program. At some point I’ll do this myself but I hope someone beats me to it.

About Muslims:

Don’t let them settle.

About his wife:

She’s given him blowjobs, although he called it fellatio.

Words of wisdom:

The skill set to discover frauds is useful in all kinds of industries. I use it in shorting companies, playing poker, writing articles, doing research, investigating stories.

Academia is not a place for you if you are white and male. You should do whatever you can to minimize your debt load, get skills, and then open a business. The richest people have multiple sources of income so that they are properly hedged.

Also, if you’re heterosexual, marry a woman who loves you. Make sure she shares your values and priorities. Someone who shares your values but not your priorities you can’t get much done with and someone who shares your priorities but not your values you can’t trust.

We also suggest marrying someone who’s got a steady job, is willing to put up with your delusions of grandeur and take you to Australia and New Zealand on her nickel, and owns a house.

We’re still looking for such a lady. In the meantime, send money.

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