In latest attempt to kiss Trump’s *ss, Chuck C. Johnson libels federal judge

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Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C.  Johnson
Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson
Internet troll Chuck C. Johnson has accused a federal judge of being an “anchor baby” and being a member of “an anti-White Hispanic group,” apparently in an effort to ingratiate himself with presidential candidate Donald Trump (R-Blowhard).

Trump has on several occasions called US Judge Gonzalo Curiel a Mexican, suggested he belongs to the National Council of La Raza (a Hispanic advocacy group), and demanded that Curiel recuse himself from presiding over the class action suits against Trump University.

In fact, Curiel was born in Indiana, and belongs to the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a professional organization with no connection to the NCLR.

Undeterred by mere facts or the importance of accuracy in journalism, Johnson yesterday published an article entitled, “WHAT! Were Trump Hatin’ Judge’s Father & Mother Illegal Aliens?” on his half-wit blog, GotNewsDotCom (which is not us!).

In a previous post, Johnson stated Curiel was a member of La Raza (i.e, the NCLR), but as evidence provided two images that clearly had “San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association” printed on them. In his latest post, he alleges Curiel’s parents were illegal immigrants, suggests Curiel was an “anchor baby,” and doubles down on the La Raza error, saying the judge belongs to “an anti-White Hispanic group.”

So many lies in one tiny space!
So many lies in one tiny space!

In addition, Johnson published the Indiana death certificates of Curiel’s parents, his father’s work permit and border entry record from the 1920s, and the immigration records of his parents.

As GotNwes has already reported, Indiana only releases death certificates to people with a “direct interest” in the information, such as a family member or someone needing the death record for legal reasons. It is unclear how Johnson obtained the death certificate copies, but one wonders how he would have a direct interest in them.

[ADDENDUM: Johnson has now published what he says is the naturalization record of Curiel’s mother, from 1969, and is repeating the “anchor baby” slur regarding the judge. He apparently obtained the record using]

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