Chuck Johnson used genealogy websites to find records of federal judge’s parents

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something something LA RAZA something something -- PROOF!
something something LA RAZA something something — PROOF! previously reported that Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson may have illegally obtained a copy of the death certificates of the parents of US Judge Gonzalo Curiel. It now appears we were in error.

In fact, it seems anyone can download them from genealogy websites, such as and We were able to find the same records that Johnson published earlier this week.

Johnson has been feverishly trying to prove Curiel is somehow biased against Donald Trump (R-Blowhard), who has called Curiel a Mexican (he was born in Indiana) and a member of the political advocacy group, La Raza (he isn’t), and has demanded Curiel recuse himself from presiding over class action suits against Trump University.

First Johnson tried to prove Curiel’s parents were in the USA illegally, and found records of border crossings. Those would be legal border crossings, since illegal crossings don’t usually involve immigration officers filling in forms. Then he found their death certificates, claiming the lack of Social Security numbers indicated something dire.

Indiana state law requires Social Security numbers be redacted from death certificates, so their absence means nothing.

Today, Johnson suddenly realized that Salvador’s death certificate indicates the elder Curiel was a citizen of Mexico at the time of his death in 1964. Now he’s accusing The New York Times of trying obfuscate the elder Curiel’s citizenship for reasons only Johnson knows for sure.

But it seems Johnson has given up on the illegal alien nonsense, since there’s no evidence the Curiels were ever trying to evade immigration authorities.

In other words, he’s moved the goalposts.

In any event, the citizenship of the elder Curiels is irrelevant, because Gonzalo Curiel and his siblings were born in Indiana. All available evidence indicates the elder Curiels were permanent residents of the USA, given the records of legal border crossings and the fact that Salvador Curiel worked at a steel mill and would presumably have had a Social Security number. They were certainly not living in fear of being deported.

Who cares?
Who cares?
The only reason anyone would even bring up all this bullshit is the festering racism of Donald Trump, who is trying to distract the public from the class action lawsuits against another one of his failed enterprises, Trump University. Johnson, who is well known to poke his nose into the latest hot trend in the news cycle, has taken up himself (and his loyal minions he calls “researchers”) to dig up dirt against the judge.

He has even started a crowdfunding campaign on WeSearchr . com to raise $10,000 to prove Curiel is an “anchor judge.” (See image at right.)

He’s also reported that the judge is a member of the National Council of La Raza, a political advocacy group, as if that were some sort of Hispanic equivalent to the KKK. But it isn’t, nor is Judge Curiel a member. He belongs to a professional organization, San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a distinction that reading-challenged Johnson fails to understand.

Today, Johnson’s latest “scoop” is headlined, “Ay Carumba![sic] Death Record For #JudgeCuriel Papa’s Proves New York Times Lying About U.S. Citizenship.”

Well, no, it doesn’t prove much of anything, junior. First of all, the reporter was using information provided by the Curiel family, and probably saw no need to doublecheck that information since THE JUDGE IS AN AMERICAN. His parents’ citizenship is irrelevant under US law.

Moreover, the death certificate is not an official one but one obtained online from a third party, so it is not 100% reliable. In addition, the fact that it lists Salvador’s citizenship as Mexican says nothing about his immigration status or residency. It could even be a clerical error, or a misunderstanding by the person providing the information, his widow.

It’s just Johnson being Johnson, an alt right, white supremacist trying to kiss Donald Trump’s ass. Unfortunately, his lies and innuendos have entered right wing canon as The Truth, as his posts are widely reprinted across the right wing website rings.

Meanwhile, Trump is losing allies within the Republican Party as would-be supporters are trying to distance themselves from Trump’s bigotry. In the end, all of Johnson’s fevered work to find a skeleton in Curiel’s closet will be for naught. Trump is probably going to lose the election in November, and Trump U will probably be hit with substantial penalties for defrauding its students.

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