BREAKING: Brother-in-law of #Orlando Muslim killer uses Facebook, bought cappuccino for $5.95

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Artist's conception of  scary Muslim -- they're everywhere! Hide!!
Artist’s conception of scary Muslim — they’re everywhere! Hide!!

[Award Winning Racist™ Chuck C. Johnson is at it again, playing the time-honored “guilt-by-association” card left over from the 1950s Red Scare.]

The brother-in-law of the gay Muslim who murdered gays in Orlando works with refugees. GotNwes has also learned he uses Facebook and YouTube and once bought a cappuccino for $5.95. Worse than that, he really hates Donald Trump and works for Allianz.

Deport him!

Now allow me to drop some non sequiturs on you to leave you all confused.

How silly. Guns don't  kill people.
How silly. Guns don’t kill people.

We suggest he search all the cupboards and closets. Oh, and the crawlspace, too. That’s where we’ve got our guns.

Haha! Just joking!

Besides using Facebook, this wily Muslim also used YouTube, though he probably doesn’t upload long, rambling, half-drunken monologues like Chuck C. Johnson does for his dozens of adoring fans to listen to.

Our careful research done from our basement home office also uncovered the nefarious Facebook accounts his wife follows: the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin – a contributor to Vice who is blaming Donald Trump for the attack.

Vice has said bad things about me and I hates them, so she must be a bad person, too.

In fact, they’re all bad. We should just ship ’em all off to … to … someplace.

Putin for president!
Putin for president!

Dear media, please keep stealing our content. I know you do, or at least I imagine you do. Because where else would the Washington Post go to get its scoops? GotNewsDotCom, of course, which is written by a guy who works from a basement home office in Fresno County.

And to all both supporters of GotNewsDotCom, keep sending us money. We’re getting ready to scale up operations, as soon as we sober up.

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