Rage Furby Chuck Johnson returns, spams Twitter with 6 sock accounts

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Will the real Chuck Johnson please shut up, please shut up?
Will the real Chuck Johnson please shut up, please shut up?

Not content with creating a new account to replace the previous one suspended by Twitter, Rage Furby Chuck C. Johnson (the college Award Winning Journalist™) returned to Twitter today with at least six sockpuppet accounts.

It remains unclear if all were created by Johnson, whose 13th suspension from Twitter was yesterday, however. He has apparently recruited loyal followers to create spoof accounts to bedevil the @support staff at Twitter, like all the slaves saying, “I am Spartacus.”

Johnson’s last “real” account was suspended over Memorial Day weekend in 2015, and he’s been fuming about it ever since. Besides whining incessantly about being cut off from Twitter (for violating its Terms of Service — repeatedly), Johnson has blogged about the coming demise of Twitter and its declining share price, alleged that CEO Jack Dorsey is gay and his boyfriend is activist DeRay McKesson, complained that Twitter is not white enough, and insisted it deliberately stomps on the First Amendment rights of clueless white boys who are too stupid to follow the TOS.

Yet he really really wants to get back on Twitter. Go figure.

His latest rampage began Friday, with a carpet bombing of tweets by @freethechuck. That account was suspended about two hours later. He returned yesterday with a tamer account, @chuckcuckslayer, which was also suspended within two hours.

Today, the mighty warrior, a man among men, returned with a vengeance, attacking Twitter from the safety of his home office with at least interlinked sockpuppet accounts: @ChuckCJ0hnson, @ChuckJohnson67, @cantcuckchuck, @PolyesterSock, @ChuckOverDaWall and @gingerharbinger, though at least two of those may be his minions’ accounts. All were still active as of 7:30 pm PT.

Aside from tweeting out the usual “Twitter can’t beat me!” nonsense, the accounts have linking to his woebegone blog, GotNewsDotCom (which is not us!), and his marginally ethical venture with Pax Dickinson, WeSearchr.com, which also has a Twitter account.

Some of the tweets are not original, but recycled from some of Johnson’s old tweets dating back to 2014. (You can find them archived at his vanity site, charlescjohnson.com. You gotta wonder about someone who maintains a public archives of his tweets.) For example,

Which is a rerun from a year ago.

So creative! So dreamy! {Swoon}
So creative! So dreamy! {Swoon}

We guess he must be too busy maintaining separate IP connections to spam Twitter to come up with anything really original. Sad! Low energy!


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