LOL! GotNewsDotCom exposes 1997 Clinton ‘cover-up’ of pet cat’s sex

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Socks' gender was redacted from this classified FBI report in 1993
Socks’ gender was redacted from this classified FBI report in 1993
Washington insiders are reeling in shock and dismay today, after Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson blew the doors off another Clinton scandal — an effort to conceal the gender identity of their pet cat, Socks.

Quoting a clearly ironic news report from 1997, the clueless Johnson mocked the Clintons’ supposed attempt to classify Socks’ gender as he tried to draw a parallel to Hillary Clinton’s email escapades.


As proof, ace researcher Johnson then reprinted about half an article from the Sept. 18, 1997, edition of the Modesto Bee, written by the Bee‘s Washington correspondent, Muriel Dobbin. Headlined FIRST DAUGHTER LEAVING WHITE HOUSE‚ÄôS COCOON, Dobbin’s report related how Chelsea Clinton’s parents kept her insulated from the media while they lived in the White House.

To dramatize the lengths the Clinton administration went to protect the younger members of the family, Dobbin included this paragraph:

The moratorium on the release of information about the president’s daughter was so extensive that a question about whether Chelsea’s cat, Socks, was male or female, was rejected by Hillary Clinton’s press office as involving personal and therefore classified information.

In fact, the gender of Socks the Cat was well known at the time. He had been a member of the Clinton family since Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and was a White House fixture, as well. Socks became somewhat of a celebrity, with a children’s picture book (above, published in 1993), a fan club and a website.

Given that ace reporter Chuck Johnson was still in primary school at the time, it’s understandable that he was unaware of Socks’ celebrity in 1997, and the cat’s (perhaps unwilling) status as a neutered tomcat. Dobbin’s readers would have gotten the joke about classifying Socks’ sex. Chuck Johnson, not so much.

We’re surprised he didn’t try to start a LeechSearchr bounty for Socks’ gender identity.

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