Pot meets kettle

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Although I thought a joke issue of a college newspaper was the real thing, I’m gonna talk shit about the Huff Post relying on a source who made shit up like I do.

The Daily Pennsylvanian ran a joke issue years ago about a reporter’s strange sex life, and I thought it was all, like, for real, because I was doxxing this chick. Haha! But really I meant to do that, just to fool you with my superior intellect and chess playing skills.

Ironically, I’m making fun of The Huffington Post for believing the totally make-believe eyewitness account of a crime given them by a pathological liar.

By the way, have I told you the story how I paid a guy in Missouri to dig up shit against a candidate I didn’t like? Short version: he made it all up just to get my money.

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