Two Chuck C. Johnson Twitter accounts bite the dust after 6 weeks

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Will the real Chuck Johnson please shut up, please shut up?
Will the real Chuck Johnson please shut up, please shut up?

Six weeks after the Rage Furby, Chuck C. Johnson, reappeared on Twitter with at least six accounts, two of the most active ones have been quietly suspended.

The rightmost two in the image above are now suspended. @ChuckCJ0hnson disappeared yesterday and @cantcuckchuck joined it today. The other accounts shown above were still active as of this writing.

Twitter dumped Johnson from its service over Memorial Day weekend 2015 for repeated violations of its terms of service. He responded immediately by attempting to create new accounts — against the TOS — which were then promptly suspended, too.

After a long hiatus, Johnson then returned to Twitter last month with several accounts, including three or four belonging to other users. Most were relatively inactive, except for the two suspended yesterday and today.

Johnson will probably respond with more caterwauling on his blog about censorship and oppression, and more invective against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He’s like that. Predictable.

h/t Little @GreenFootballs

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