Chuck C. Johnson creates yet another Twitter account, suspended yet again

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Chuck was back, but not now
The man who swears Twitter is doomed, who says he shorted $TWTR because he predicted its share price would fall ever further (it didn’t), who claims Twitter is “anti-white,” once again violated Twitter’s rules and created account #25, or 26 — we’ve lost count.

Yes, dear readers, Chuck C. Johnson tried once again to get back onto the service he says he hates, only to lose access — again — about 11 hours later. He says he wants to prove he can do it, which is a bit like saying I want to prove I can knock down a wall by hitting my head against it again and again.

The increasingly hirsute Rage Furby let loose his usual pile of BS tweets before Twitter pulled the plug on his lame account.

Why he bothers, who can say? He already has access through the @wesearchr account, and many people are saying he’s the voice behind Malik Obama’s Twitter feed. He still has GotNewsDotCom (which is not us!) to pontificate, mislead and exaggerate on. Why continue to clog up Twitter after he’s been shot down two dozen times?

We have no answer. But there is that saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time. So, there’s that.

Before Twitter pulled the plug, we managed to capture some of Johnson’s tweets, but why bother publishing them. Just the same old shit. Nothing original. Sad!

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