BREAKING: Chuck C. Johnson Sues Twitter In Landmark Free Speech Case; Send Money NOW!!!

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Coming soon maybe to a Twitter near you
GotNwes Editor-in-Thief Chuck C. Johnson (show at left staring intently into a cellphone) has filed a landmark free speech case against his arch nemesis Twitter in California Superior Court.

In an article written by himself, Johnson says Johnson says the lawsuit documents the social media giant’s unlawful censorship of Johnson — and the damages it caused Johnson, who can no longer make in idiot of himself on Twitter but only has his lame website and as platforms now — on several fronts: Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern and … uh … eminence?

Also too, Facebook has suspended him yet again, but that’s a different story.

Johnson, who is represented by Robert E. Barnes of Barnes Law who should really know better, details various causes of action demonstrating how Twitter’s actions violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act as well as the California and United States constitutions, and his tender fees-fees.

Also too, he asked for money for his latest legal battle against forces determined to foil his plot to take over the world by letting his beard cover the Earth and smother every living thing on it.

Send money here. Now. Before it is too late. Proceeds will go toward buying lots of scissors and sending them around the world.

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Johnson says Johnson is seeking, among other relief (like money), a declaratory judgment that Twitter has violated and continues to violate his free speech rights under the First Amendment of the US Constitution and/or Article I, section 2 of the California Constitution, both of which deal with government infringing free speech, but Twitter is a corporation and don’t ask questions shut up.

[We insert here the commentary that Johnson self-published an article about his lawsuit on his very own website, so where’s his free speech being constrained? I know we ask too many questions we’ll shut up now.]

The lawsuit’s introduction observes that “like the company towns of old, [Twitter] is a privately-owned public square. And therein lies the danger.” {cue spooky music} The danger of a corporation deciding when a user of its platform violates its terms of service and cutting the user off the service forever. That danger. Life threatening, imminent danger. Like a creepy guy lurking outside your door, danger.

Be careful when answering the door! Chuckyman is there!

The Johnson complaint includes a powerful big-picture description of what is at stake (soon to be a major Hollywood blockbuster — powerful! gripping! 2 thumbs up!), explaining how “[t]his case will decide more than the fate on one man and one of the modern monopolies of social media. This case will decide whether Twitter can, like the monopolists before them, lie with impunity and discriminate with impunity? Or will foundations freedoms once again protect the public from the crushing power of these modern age monopolists?”

Johnson has set up a FreeStartr campaign to help fund his landmark lawsuit, which you can contribute to here in cash or cryptocurrency. The page notes that “This is your last chance to stop Twitter’s management from stealing the next election by stopping them in court.”

It’s your last chance!! Open up those wallets and send that money NOW!!

PayPal is OK, too.

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