GotNews, Chuck C. Johnson agree to $25K settlement in defamation case

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Now $25,000 less great
Master of the pointless lawsuit Chuck C. Johnson has had to swallow some of his own medicine, and settle a defamation lawsuit field against him and several other right-wing bloggers.

Rather than try to defend himself and his website (which is not this one!) in court, Johnson took the wiser approach and agree to pay the complainants $25,000 — $5,000 from his own pocket and $20,000 from the multi-thousand-dollar GotNews budget.

The issue at hand was the misidentification of the driver of a car that ran into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville last year, killing one woman, Heather Heyer. Johnson and his fellow right-wing bloggers, in their haste to pin the blame on anyone not associated with the alt-right, published the name of someone who no longer owned the car in question. The party in question then filed a defamation lawsuit against Johnson and the other bloggers last February.

For more details, we refer you to Little Green Footballs’ coverage, since we here at have decided parodying Chuck C. Johnson and his pitiful websites is no longer worth our time. He’s last year’s news. And we have better things to do.

That said, though, there should be a ruling soon on Johnson’s ridiculous lawsuit against Twitter, which he filed last year to regain his account. It will likely be dismissed, and he would then be on the hook for court costs.

Also, it seems he and the Hot Asian Wife, as he was wont to call her, are separated now, and talk of divorce is in the air.

How the mighty have fallen.

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