Chuck C. Johnson shuts down his vanity site, Twitter archive

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Bigger fisch to frie, like Clavin Collidge?

Just days after he abruptly shut down his so-called news site,, Chuck Johnson has as suddenly shuttered his vanity site,, which coincidentally had a near-complete archive of every tweet he ever authored.

As with GotNews, Johnson left only a terse message as an explanation for the abandonment, “Fairwell (sic). Bigger fish to fry,” superimposed over a photograph of his hero, Calvin Coolidge.

Just hours before, Charles Johnson (no relation) of Little Green Footballs had published a series of tweets between Chuck Johnson (the GotNews guy) and Mark Judge, a former classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. There was nothing especially salacious or incriminating about the exchanges, other than showing both Chuck “GotNoNews” Johnson and Judge as misogynistic, racist twatwaffles, but they were sourced from “GotNoNews”‘s own Twitter archive.

I am sure it is merely a coincidence that Chuck closed down his vanity site and made all its content, including the tweets, inaccessible, right?

Fortunately for amateur historians and the idly curious, there are archives of Chuck’s site at the Wayback Machine. A less complete archive also exists at my own “Tweet-sourced Dossier” of Chuck Johnson. Chuck should know that what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. So, if he’s trying to hide something, it’s a losing battle.

Or maybe he doesn’t care, because he has bigger fish to fry as he pursues bigger things.

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