BREAKING: We don’t like Bill De Blasio or his black wife

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Cop haters and Democrats
Cop haters and Democrats just doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t like cops, especially when they’re a white Democrat married to a black Democrat who used to be a lesbian. So, we’re going all in against NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio.

Way back in 1986 (before I was even born)  De Blasio was among hundreds of Columbia University faculty, staff and students who signed a joint letter opposing the “Star Wars” defense program. That commie, cop-hating scum!

Right here -- his name!!
Right here — his name!!

And he has the gall to criticize the NYPD for shooting people dead for no apparent reason. AND he publicly stated that he’s had to warn his biracial kids about dealing with cops. If cops hassle dark-skinned people, it’s because they probably did something bad.

His wife used to be a lesbian. We’re willing to pay big bucks (like $15-20) to any of her former lovers who will describe what it was like. Or his former lovers. Or their kids’ former lovers. We like that kinda stuff. Oh man.

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