BREAKING: Does @ChuckCJohnson hate Muslims? #ChapelHillShooting

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Given his repeated, unsubstantiated attacks on the three victims of the Chapel Hill shooting, their father and their religious community, GotNwes can conclude, yes, he does.

Chuck C. Johnson is the editor-in-thief of GotNewsDotCom. He specializes in delving into the social media history of dead people, rape victims, and criminal suspects — even their family members’ social media accounts — in order to discredit them. So, let’s turn the tables on him, shall we?

There is ample evidence on his Twitter timeline that Johnson hates Muslims and Islam. In fact, he seems rather proud of that prejudice.

We don’t need to go back very far into his timeline to find such evidence.

UPDATE (March 12, 2015)

Muslims have been savages since there were Muslims. No foreign policy will civilize them. Patrol hinterlands. Defend our interests.
— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) March 12, 2015

Expect little from the Middle East. It is filled with Arabs, after all.
— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) March 12, 2015

From this month:


His bias against African-Americans is best saved for another day, but while we’re mentioning black-white relations, here’s this tidbit from today.


We wonder if Johnson has ever visited South Africa. He might be surprised at how many whites still live there quite happily.

But, back to his Islamophobia:


The Crusades were over and done with centuries ago, at least for most people.


Notably, he manages to connect every Muslim in America with ISIS in some way. That way, he can hate more people.


Somehow we doubt Johnson has read the Koran, or studied anthropology or sociology, but moving on.


There are millions of Muslims in America, yet the number of burning and decapitations here is marginal. What conclusions can we draw these facts, we wonder?

Following the terror attacks in Paris last month, he was in fine form:


Muslims have already settled in the USA, so the first remark makes no damn sense. The second speaks for itself.

GotNwes believes we have made our case. Chuck C. Johnson hates Muslims with a passion, which biases his coverage of anything relating to Muslims or Islam. He styles himself as an Award Winning Journalist™. Journalists by definition are supposed to be unbiased and fair-minded. Johnson possesses neither of these qualities. Therefore, nothing he says or reports in such cases should be trusted by any sensible person, or media outlet.

Rather than assume he is right, better to assume he is wrong.

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