UPDATED: Why did #ChapelHillShootings victim get hassled by the police 12 six times?

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Imperial storm troopers are never wrong, either
Imperial storm troopers are never wrong, either
One of the dead people in the Chapel Hill shootings was hassled by the police at least 12 6 times. Why, we have no idea, because we’re too broke cheap to pay to see the Wake County, NC, court records.

But we can use this fragment of information to suggest that Deah Barakat, 23, was somehow an evil scary Muslim, even though the same website we used to get this fragmentary knowledge also shows he was never arrested or charged with any serious crime.

Just ignore that last part.

He was cited 12 6 times, though. Police are never wrong, except once in a while, so Barakat must have done something. We’re just using our imagination.

If you know why he was cited, send us 99¢ per citation with the information. Thanks.

UPDATE: GotNwes, after checking the crack Award Winning Journalism™ of the parody site GotNewsDotCom (GNDC), has discovered that GNDC editor-in-thief Chuck C. Johnson does not seem to understand court dockets. He has misunderstood 12 entries to mean 12 citations, when in fact there are only six citations referenced.

We’re guessing they were for parking violations.

Here’s what Johnson wrote.
6 not 12 idiot

The court docket numbers are listed below. The first refers to the case as introduced to the Wake County court and the second to its resolution. Notice any pattern?

9102008713102I —> 9102008713102IF
9102009007176I —> 9102009007176IF
9102010710215I —> 9102010710215IF
9102011007117C —> 9102011007117CR
9102011739288C —> 9102011739288CR
9102012746797C —> 9102012746797CR

In addition, there are only six unique citation numbers.

Note also that he claims Barakat had “infractions with the state of North Carolina” — whatever that means — and in the same article admits that the offenses were “local charges,” i.e., not state cases.

That’s an Award Winning Journalism™ FAIL at its best! Tell us again why people believe GotNewsDotCom.

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