BREAKING: Authorities arrest white guy in #NAACPBombing, totally proving it was a hoax

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Thaddeus Murphy, who is not black (Photo credit Colorado Dept of Corrections)
Thaddeus Murphy, who is not black (Photo credit Colorado Dept of Corrections)

Last month, GotNwes, using satellite imagery and some imagination, proved that the attempted bombing of a NAACP office in Denver Colorado Springs was a complete hoax.

Yesterday, federal and local law enforcement arrested Thaddeus Murphy, 44, of Colorado Springs in connection with the bombing hoax, according to reports by KUSA-TV 9News.

Charges have not yet been filed, but Murphy signed an affidavit saying he had intended to bomb hoax the tax preparation office next to the NAACP, because he was angry at a tax preparer. He said he was not intending to bomb hoax the NAACP.

FBI, ATF and local police searched Murphy’s home and found bomb hoaxing materials similar to those used at the building in January.

GotNwes had previously published a stroy showing satellite imagery proved there was no bombing, or firecrackering, or even an office building at the office building, which proved it was all a hoax.

The arrest of Murphy proves we were right all along! Now send us money.

Some explanation may be in order here.
Last month, the parody news site GotNewsDotCom (GNDC) reported the following regarding the Colorado Springs bombing, which was taken seriously by law enforcement as a potential hate crime.

  • Using images from Google Earth, GNDC contended there was no bombing, because there were already dark smudges on the wall of the building.
  • GNDC claimed police sources (in Denver!) had told GNDC that it was not even a bomb, more like a firecracker.
  • GNDC claimed the whole thing was a hoax, created by the NAACP for some unknown purpose.
  • Further, GNDC suggested a ex-con (who is African-American) working for the NAACP might have been the culprit.
  • Now GNDC editor-in-thief Chuck C. Johnson is bragging on Twitter that Murphy’s arrest proves GNDC broke the story that it was a hoax.

Only in his imagination.

  • It was a pipe bomb, which failed to explode properly. Police found forensic evidence of such. It was not a firecracker.
  • The pre-existing smudge marks were next to brand new scorch marks made by the pipe bomb. This was clear even in the images GNDC published.
  • The NAACP had nothing to do with the bombing. Murphy said he acted alone.
  • Murphy is not black, nor in the employ of the NAACP.
  • The event happened in Colorado Springs, not Denver, as GNDC implied in one story.
  • There was no hoax. There really was a bomb, but Murphy says he was not targeting the NAACP.
  • A hoax by definition is a fake story or situation created to fool people, often with convincing, but fabricated evidence. In order for the bombing to have been a hoax, logically speaking, Murphy would have to have been working for the NAACP to plant a pipe bomb designed not to create serious damage next to the NAACP office. This was not the case.

Another FAIL by Award Winning Journalist™ Chuck C. Johnson and GotNewsDotCom.

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