Help us: Is Hillary Clinton secretly an MSCE? #clintonemail

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Because Exchange = email server, right?
Because Exchange = email server, right?

With all this talk about Hillary Clinton’s private emails, has a question for all of the would be internet researchers out there: Is Hillary Clinton secretly an MSCE?

The question is based on a tip from a technology expert who sent the following message to us:

If Hillary Clinton has an email server, she’s gotta be using Microsoft Exchange Server, a complicated suite of business productivity tools that is a pain in the ass to set up and manage, because what other kind of email server is there?

Whenever reporters are talking about Clinton’s “email server,” they act as if it is a box that sits in the corner, humming away to itself like a breadmaker. As if! Exchange Server is like an English sports car that spends most of its time in the shop.

Like a Triumph or an MG, Exchange servers require dedicated maintenance to make sure that they are secure and don’t suddenly lock up for no apparent reason, losing several hours or days of messages. That means applying almost hourly software patches, setting up best-practices for hard drive allocation, memory and back-ups, and praying (or cussing) a lot.

That means that someone is touching and interacting with those machines all the time. (Unless it’s all done remotely, in which case nevermind.)

Usually, people who maintain Exchange servers are Microsoft Certified Engineers (MSCE), so I figure Clinton herself must be a MSCE.

So if you are looking for clues/angles/tips, you should be looking for people not hardware, like people in Chappaqua with an MCSE, starting with Clinton.

On the other hand, it could be a Unix or Linux server, in which case, forget what I said.

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