BREAKING: Mexican-American UC-Irvine student belongs to secession group — no, not that one

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It's OK when white people say it
It’s OK when white people say it
Shocking as it may seem, one of the Mexican immigrant students at UC-Irvine who wanted to take down the US flag — the one that is still up, BTW — belongs to a Hispanic advocacy group wants the Southwest to secede from the USA.

GotNWes thinks this is BIG NWES because only white people should be allowed to talk about secession. Illegal immigrant kids should just shut up and go back to where they came from, and let us white people do all the stupid talking.

The student was one of the UC-Irvine student government representatives who voted to take down an American flag from the student government’s lobby area. Then, that vote was overturned, and the flag went back up.

So, democracy rescued the flag, end of stroy. But to milk this nontroversy for all the clicks we can get, we’ll add some innuendo and other fun stuff.

Since GotNewsDotCom has already put this young woman’s life in danger by publishing her name and her photograph, GotNwes figures we’ll the more appropriate thing and recognize her rights to free speech and privacy and all that other commie pinko shit.

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