BUSTED: Turkish reporter who asked #HillaryClinton question speaks English gooder than us

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Also, too, how babby is formed?
Also, too, how babby is formed?

Perplexed as we at GotNwes were by this nwes stroy from GotNewsDotCom, we asked an ESL* student for help in translating it.

Here is the translation:

The first reporter who asked Hillary Clinton a question at her press conference was Kahraman Haliscelik, who blogged last year about being racially profiled by the New York Police Department. They asked him questions about a fertilizer deal he had helped a distant cousin with in 2007.

He was not charged with any crime.

So, there you have it in plain English. No nwes here, move along now.

*ESL = English as a Second Language

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