BUSTED: Media ignores old news about younger Boston bomber playing soccer in college

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Forget Muslim associations, the real danger is soccer fans
Forget Muslim associations, the real danger is soccer fans
Once again, GotNwes has to do the work of the mainstream media, delving into nwes reports from 2013 to discover (again) that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers, played soccer in college.

It is well known around the world how soccer can incite fans and players into committing violent acts, even rioting in the streets. While we have absolutely no proof at all, we’re going to say playing soccer encouraged Tsarnaev’s participation with his older brother in planting two homemade bombs that killed and injured many people at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

To reach this earth-shattering revelation, which strangely no one else thinks is at all important, we have relied on the ace reporting of GotNewsDotCom. (Yeah, pretty risky business already, we know.) Not only conservative, but also conservationist, GNDC yesterday recycled a 2013 story from The Daily Caller, in an effort to attract attention (and clicks!) to a site ironically — given its name — bereft of actual news.

The lengthy story, by GNDC editor-in-thief Chuck C. Johnson, attempted to associate Tsarnaev with the Muslim Student Association at UMass-Darmouth, because he played soccer with some of its members. Tsarnaev never actually joined the MSA, which Johnson said had ties to radical Islam and other scary things, like brown people from foreign lands.

Johnson as usual missed the boat, completely ignoring the connections to the soccer hooliganism plaguing nations all around the world. GotNwes has stepped in fill in the gaps, even if this nwes is two years old and largely irrelevant. We think it’s important!

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