BREAKING VIDEO (from 2012): Elder #Tsarnaev brother might have heard imam say scary terrorist stuff

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Artist's conception of  scary Muslim terrorizing Boston
Artist’s conception of scary Muslim terrorizing Boston
Because every religious person around the world does exactly what his clergyman says, we figure a scary imam said stuff that encouraged one of the Boston Marathon bombers to do terrorist stuff.

For the same reasons, we also figure people will give up cheating on their wives, beating their kids, ripping off customers, outing rape victims, and lying through their teeth, too. Religion teachers have that power, you know.

Yeah. Welcome to paradise.

GotNWes delved into YouTube and came across a never-before seen video (except for the several thousand who saw it already) from 2012. It appears to show Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers, listening to a talk in Arabic by a visiting imam.

We have no idea what the imam is saying, but we figure it’s scary stuff like bombs and shit. Besides, that very same imam, Sheik Abdallah Al-Nhari, was banned by fatwa from entering Morocco, his home country, so he must be pretty radical. Governments would never ban someone for fabricated political reasons, after all.

Closing arguments in the case against the younger Tsarnaev brother were this week. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was fatally shot by police trying to apprehend him on the day of the bombing in 2013, so this video is pretty much irrelevant, but we thought reporting on it would bring in some clicks.

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