EXCLUSIVE: Is University of Al Abama’s Muslim Student Assn a terror factory?

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Well, it's al ready got Al in the name, right? Case closed.
Well, it’s al ready got Al in the name, right? Case closed.

The number of Muslim students at the University of Al Abama may be small, but that doesn’t mean the Muslim Student Association there isn’t manufacturing terrorists by the truck load.

OK, maybe two.

Two people. Not two trucks.

Wait. Make that one.

Thanks to the crack research team at GotNewsDotCom, the world now knows that the University of Al Abama has pumped out two students one student who may or may not have become terrorists as a result of their university experience.

As the campus at Tusc Al Oosa has 36,000 students alone, that’s barely a success rate of 0.0056%. Clearly, the Al Abama Terror Factory is doing a crappy job of training young Muslims for the exciting career of worldwide terrorism, and heads will soon be rolling (literally!) to find a new management team.

Terror product number 1 is Hoda Muthana, 20, who attended classes at the Birm In Gham campus until she ditched her dull college life to marry a ISIS soldier in Syria. She’s a Terror Factory dropout.

More infamous than Muthana is Omar Hammami, also known as Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki, who ditched his dull college life at the satellite Terror Factory at the University of South Al Abama in Mob Il-e to join Al Shabaab. He was on the FBI’s most wanted list — a real plus for any college dropout looking for work in the terror sector — until 2013, when Al Shabaab eliminated him as part of a Reduction in Force plan.

It’s a tough business, terrorism.

Oh, and by the way, GotNewsDotCom’s crack research team, despite its extremely high IQ Award Winning Journalism, clearly does not know that the Al Abama team is the Crimson Tide. The University of South Al Abama Jaguars are an entirely different team, since the two institutions are separate entities.

Facts are so tricky sometimes, aren’t they?

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