BREAKING: Why do pro-#BaltimoreRiots pundits move house so much? #FreddieGray

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Artist's color-blind conception of pundit living in posh home
Artist’s color-blind conception of pundit living in posh home
Lots of pundits are supporting the riots on Twitter. And some even are sympathetic to the ones in Baltimore.

We wanted to get a sense of what these pundits do in their private lives, so we could figure out what we’re doing wrong.

What is their revealed preferences? Also, how babby is formed?

Are the voices of black America or the so-called Baltimore uprising living in majority black areas, y’know, the ‘Hood, the ghetto, the slums?


Based on GotNwes’ careful research, we have found that not only do America’s journalists live in predominantly white middle-class or upper middle-class neighborhoods, they have a really annoying tendency to move to new homes. So, our attempts to reveal their home addresses are constantly being foiled.

Could you people just stay in one place, and make our targeting much easier? Stop being so upwardly mobile. Jeez.

Oh, and @RadleyBalko? Could you please move to a gated, whitey neighborhood? You’re screwing with our narrative of hypocritical journalists living the high life while reporting on poor people protesting unfair treatment by the Balmer cops.

Still, good on you for living your values.

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Here are the pertinent GotNewsDotCom screencaps, to put this post in context.

Balti riots cap 1
Balti riots cap 2

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