BREAKING: Why Chuck C. Johnson was suspended from Twitter

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I know why the caged bird whines
I know why the caged bird whines

Because he violated the terms of service.*

Next question?

* Details here.

But if you want to read a GotNwes translation of Chuck’s whining at GotNewsDotCom (GNDC), keep reading.

I am award-winning journalist who got a couple of awards in college but I’m full of myself anyway, who has exposed frauds and working on exposing myself as one, too, who has been profiled as a dodgy stalker in major publications. And now, I’m trending on Twitter because Twitter finally got around to kicking me off the service.

I am invicnible!!!

Last night I tweeted that I was interested in doing some research on the twitter user, @deray a.k.a. DeRay McKesson. OK, what I really said was I wanted to take him out, and I didn’t mean like on a date, because he’s so totally not my type, being black and all. But my low-IQ foes on the Internet thought I meant “take him out,” like off him, ice him, deep-six him, fit him with concrete boots, so he could sleep with the fishes.

@Deray is a leader of the anti-cop astroturfing currently hitting the inner city black community, and freaking out white supremacists white people like me and a few other guys I know. We’re so scared of Deray and his people that I wanted to dig up some dirt on him, so I could “take him out,” like I did #HollyFisher and a few dead, black people.

Why would anyone think I wanted to do him harm? I mean, I know I talk about my guns and using them in self-defense, and focus on scary black men and Muslim people in my blog. And I talk a lot about how whites are better than everyone else (except Hot Asian Girls, who depreciate slower), and how blacks are all thugs and Korans should be burned and Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate here.

And how I’ve published private information about people in an effort to smear them. And how I used Twitter to solicit others to feed me that kind of information.

I mean, I just don’t get why people would think I would want Deray harmed in any way, even if I don’t like him all that much.

Of course, I knew this would happen, because my IQ is more than yours, puny mortals. That’s why I continued to use the service in ways that challenged the terms of service, even after being suspended three times before.

Twitter has a problem with the kind of journalamism I do. That’s it. I’m being persecuted by the mean blue Twitter bird.

Could it be because I’m different? So different that I can’t work for anyone else but me. Could it be because I get results? Well, other people got results, but I take the credit anyway?

And by the way, if you want me to continue to get results, even wrong ones, please send money. Lots of it. because this whole Twitter thing is cutting into my bottom line.

My low-IQ foes think they have won. Guess again, worms! As long as we have free speech we will continue to tell the truth about you & maybe, with the truth, we will even take you out of the discourse.

Take you out. And I don’t mean on a date.

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