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Ed feels left out, girls
Ed feels left out, girls
Gathering nwes is hard, especially when you work out of your in-laws’ home in Fresno. Making money doing it is even harder, so GotNwes has figured out a way to make a little money while doing practically no work.

You send us nwes tips, at 99¢ a piece, plus your name, address, telephone number, social media handles, occupation, credit card numbers, date and place of birth, and Social Security number, and we’ll carefully consider your tip to see if it meets our stringent nwes requirements.

Meanwhile, we’ll still take the 99¢ fee. Thanks!

Don’t worry about giving us all that personal information. You can trust us. GotNwes always seeks the truth and we’re as honest as the day is long. We’ll keep all your information 100% secure and private, like Target and BestBuy. Promise.

Why are we charging a fee for tips? Good question. Usually, tipsters get paid for their information, usually by old-fashioned journalists who worked hard all day chasing down leads to write killer stories. GotNwes has decided to up-end the traditional tipster/journalist for two very good reasons.

      We’re not old-fashioned journalists. Also, we’re lazy.
      We don’t have any money.

Plus, as you well know, GotNwes has many detractors that are constantly attempting to fill our communication channels with intimidating messages and false claims, just like Chuck C. Johnson does everyday on Twitter. So, we figure requiring people to pay a small fee to send us tips will screen out the spam, leaving only the truly wacko crazy stuff for us to publish. And we get some money in the bargain.

All you need to do is fill in the Reply form below with the necessary information.
BTC QR code

If you’re really confident you have a good tip, send us 0.99 Bitcoin. Forget the tip. The Bitcoin is all we need. Much obliged.

Here is our Bitcoin address: 1K1KJksrqcHLF1bvzpoetc1mLYTgC62hik

The corresponding QR code is on the right.





Let us know why you think this is nwes. (60 characters)

Information you want to share with GotNwes


Context – Why is this story important?


Why this is news and why GotNwes should
publish it? Also, how babbies are formed?

Convince us. The crazier the reason,
the more likely we’ll use the tip.

Supporting files



Upload up to 8 MB. Drag and drop here.

Contact information


Name (first, last)





Phone number


Twitter handle


Other ways to annoy you


Special consideration and credentials (check all that apply)





Attacker (including rapists, bombers,
arsonists and shooters)


Law Enforcement Mole


Victim (white males only, please!)


Paranoid Schizophrenic


Conspiracy Theorist


KKK Member




Sexist/MRA member


Heartless Libertarian




Crazy uncle (not mine!)


Tea Party Nutcase








Gullible buffoon

Best time to reach you (HH:MM AM/PM)




Submission fee ($0.99
recommended, larger amounts mean your tip gets processed faster)



Please enter credit card information

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